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Thank you for your interest in ESCAPE. 

After many years and thousands of buildings, we have learned, sometimes the hard way, it is critical right from the start of any Escape purchase to document everything. Therefore, we do everything via email to prevent any miscommunication or misunderstanding.

There are three different ways to buy Escape units:

1. Production units: These are units that we build and customers buy from the sale page. For example, all EV (all-electric) units, like eVista and eOne, are sold only on the sale page on the website. The e-units cannot be ordered. Occasionally we can make minor changes if customers purchase an e-unit that is still in production. Once completed or near completion, no changes are possible. These units are in production constantly, meaning customers can have a unit immediately or in a short amount of time. See here for what is currently available.


2.  Custom units: If you want options we do not offer, please read here


3. Ordered units: This is the typical method for models we offer other than the e-models. Occasionally you will also find models on the sale page. The ordered unit process is the opposite method from the Production units as in this case the customer orders the unit, selecting options they want, and we build it. The process starts with customers submitting a quote online for the unit they want. Submitting a quote does not obligate the customer to anything as it is just a starting point.  Note that there is a section for additional questions on the quote.  Also, we only build the units currently found on the website.


Build time for units ordered by customers varies from 60-130 days from the funding date, but this can vary depending on time of year. For a delivery cost, we need to know the model, options and exact location for delivery. Note: we do not get involved in site selection and do not do site prep. 


Yes we do offer financing, just click here. For customers paying cash upfront for their unit, there is a discount which depends on the model and options selected.  Units on the sale page do not have a cash discount.


Please be sure to also read the FAQ as it has important information including details about utilities and type of pad needed for an ESCAPE unit.


We always recommend that customers see and/or stay in a unit, which you can do here. We do not keep models at our plant and we are not doing tours currently due to COVID restrictions.  


Please also look at the pictures and videos online to see various layout combinations and specific options. But please know that because there are so many different options, you may not see the exact combination you're looking for. The pictures and videos are there to give you a sense of each building and cover the basics. You can also download the brochure from the website. We do apologize as due to model changes and availability issues, items used in units can vary from some of the pictures and videos on the website.


If you would like to speak to someone by phone, we schedule calls in advance. We do apologize as the delay sometimes can be lengthy and is many times at least a few weeks out.  


Again, if you want or need to buy a unit quickly, please check here.


Thank you again for your interest in ESCAPE and we look forward to building for you! 

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