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What makes ESCAPE so different?

  Design and craftsmanship. ESCAPE was designed by an award winning architectural firm, SALA Architects. ESCAPE is hand crafted in America in our own RVIA Inspected factory in Rice Lake, WI. More than anything, ESCAPE is built to human scale, is comfortable and has features not found in any other RV.

How much does ESCAPE cost?

Prices vary considerably by model, just choose a model.  Finance your ESCAPE here.

What permits do I need for ESCAPE?

There are no permits needed for RV parks and many locations. But this does vary from place to place. Simply call your local zoning office for more information.  

How quickly can I get my ESCAPE?

Many times we have units in stock or in production for immediate purchase.  Click here.  For units that you order normal build times are 60-130 days depending on the model and options you select.  

Can ESCAPE units be used all year round?

 Yes we, and many customers, use unit all year round even in very cold climates.  Please see and for examples. 


What does delivery cost?

 Delivery charges depend on your location and the model and options you choose. 

What size vehicle do I need to tow an ESCAPE?

 ESCAPE RVs come in many sizes so the vehicle you would need depends on which model you choose.  To find out the vehicle you need, first choose a model, then look at the weight rating which is in the Fact Sheet under every model on the website, then check if your vehicle can tow that weight. Remember the weight rating is for the basic model without options...if you add options, you add weight.


Can I buy plans for ESCAPE?  Or just the steel trailer?

 We do not sell plans or trailers...just complete units.


Can I buy an ESCAPE shell?

 All ESCAPE units are RVIA inspected and by law must be complete.  Therefore we do not sell shells or units with items just stubbed in or incomplete.
How energy efficient is ESCAPE?

 From real world experience, ESCAPE is very efficient.  More info is here.

Can ESCAPE operate off-grid?

 Yes with some limitations.  Solar power is a good idea for units that are 12v.   You can order composting or Laveo style toilets.  We always recommend that you have back-up or grid power available just in case.  More information is here.

Can I customize ESCAPE?

For information on custom designs, please click here. 

What about storage?

Each ESCAPE is designed to maximize space and storage possibilities.  The kitchen has plenty of cabinetry and there is also storage in the bathroom.

Washer/Dryer hook-up?

Yes, if you want.  You can also order a washer/dryer.

Are there options for the Kitchen?

Yes, just check the options sheet for the unit.

Does ESCAPE have a warranty?

 Each ESCAPE RV has a 2 year warranty, but many 3rd party items in the units have much longer warranties.  

How do I get a brochure?

    We are a paperless company so all of our information is "on line".  Pricing and options are located right under each model, just scroll down.  You can also download our brochure from the website.

Where do I see ESCAPE...are there dealers?

ESCAPE is sold factory-direct.   Click here for places to see units.  

Is financing available?

 Finance your ESCAPE here.  The great news about ESCAPE is that by law it is considered an RV. Therefore you can easily finance it at any bank in the same way you would finance a car or RV.

Does ESCAPE come fully constructed or do I need a contractor?

Every ESCAPE is delivered complete and ready for you to enjoy.  Please see the question below on what is needed for your site preparation.   

Can ESCAPE be delivered anywhere?

ESCAPE is on wheels, so it can go virtually anywhere there is a proper road.

I thought RV's had engines?

 The vast majority of RV's sold each year, over 85%, are non-motorized.  

What about property taxes?

By law, ESCAPE is an RV designed primarily for recreational or seasonal use not as a permanent dwelling and therefore is not subject to property tax. You simply buy a tag from the DMV every year. 

What about site preparation and utilities?

 You are responsible for site preparation and having utility hook-ups available.  Click here for important information.  The first item you need is to be sure your ESCAPE site is level and firm.  You can use any material such as concrete, black top or even compacted gravel for your site as long as it is level and firm.  In addition, you need an approach to the site that is wide enough and firm enough for our truck.  As a general rule if the approach to your site is straight, it should be a minimum of 10'-12' wide for Travel Trailers and 15' high.  If there are any curves, it will need to be wider.  Steep approaches can be problematic for delivery.  As for utilities, like any RV,  your ESCAPE has single drops for power, water and sewer in a simple location to access and hook up. 

Can I have ESCAPE furnished?

Absolutely as there are furnishing options such as a couch, bed &  dining chairs to name just a few items. 

How is ESCAPE heated and cooled?

Heat comes from an LP furnace, baseboard heat, electric heat pump and/or a fireplace.  You choose the option.   A/C is an option and we use high efficiency split systems which keep the building cool and are also a heat pump.

What about maintenance of ESCAPE?

For all important information on maintaining your ESCAPE, please reference the unit manual and appliance manuals that are given to you at delivery.  All service requests should be sent to per the manual.  We do recommend re-coating the unit with our stain every 3-5 years, but this is strictly optional and dependent on your location.
​How is ESCAPE regulated by government?

 ESCAPE units are Traveler Trailer RVs.  Federal regulations provide that an RV is vehicle or vehicle structure not certified as a manufactured home.  In addition, they are primarily designed as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, travel or seasonable use and not as a permanent dwelling.  ESCAPE units are inspected by RVIA and certified by the manufacturer as complying with the NFPA 1192 standard for recreational vehicles.  ESCAPE units are not manufactured or modular housing.  RVs are titled and registered with state Departments of Transportation.     


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