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ESCAPE Standard vs. Custom Designs 

All standard ESCAPE models are highly engineered and architecturally planned by a team of professionals. Each plan has gone through months and sometimes years of reviews and revisions. There are very specific items used in each model and a large logistical supply chain exists to provide all of the proper parts for each model. In addition, our plant is RVIA inspected and we have a procedure in place that is strictly followed when new models are proposed.   We have done our best to provide as many options as we reasonably can for each model so that each unit can be customized for each customers needs.


If a customer wishes to make changes to any ESCAPE unit beyond the options listed, the unit is no longer a production unit but becomes a custom design and must follow our design and engineering protocol. More importantly, any model we build must comply with all RVIA codes and mandates.  For instance any wood burning appliance is prohibited, utilities must be in certain locations, items can not be left half completed or not completed at all.   Therefore we can not build shells or leave out insulation or windows or other finish items....there are literally hundreds of restrictions including all items in the unit must be RVIA certified or compliant.  Finally, there are items and designs we are simply not logistically set up to do and would be time and cost prohibitive to attempt. 


For Custom units that do not have any of the above design or finish conflicts, the steps are as follows:


1. Design phase:

To start the Design phase process we require a $10,000 design fee that is non-refundable and includes two revisions to the initial plan. If there are more than 2 revisions, each additional revision is $1,000. We do not do plans on spec and due to the large engineering and design costs with any custom unit, we can not start until receiving the design fee.

2. Estimate phase:

Once the plan is agreed upon, we produce an estimate as to the total cost of the unit. This normally takes 10-14 days. If acceptable, a contract is produced for the plan including its specifics in accordance with our normal spreadsheet procedures. If additional changes are made to the plan, the additional revisions fees noted in #1 above will apply.


3. Building phase:

 Along with the signed contract, we require the entire amount owed for the building of the unit be paid in advance. There are no discounts for custom units. Construction time varies widely depending on the unit ordered.


4. Exception:

Under certain circumstances, if there are items that a customer simply wants omitted such as a light or interior door, this can be done without going custom.


Any questions regarding these steps should be directed to

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