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The EV revolution is here and ESCAPE is showing the way forward with a brand new line of all-electric eESCAPE units. These are not concepts or in development, the eESCAPE units are available now.

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ESCAPE has been offering electric and solar options for years, so when engineering the eESCAPE units, we not only took into account all of our knowledge from years of innovation, but also customer feedback on the items that mattered most to them. 



Being Earth-friendly has always been a main focus at ESCAPE.  Living small is simply better for the planet. With the eESCAPE series, we have taken it up a notch as new materials and products have become available. For example, using new Green Gold Certified insulating options that are not only people friendly, but primarily made of recycled materials.  Other notables include sustainably grown wood siding and paneling, LED lighting that uses almost no power and construction methods that are more efficient and time effective, which reduces the actual energy needed to build each unit. Plus, customers will be able to run most of the units on solar power or directly from new EV cars and trucks.  It all adds up to a better, more sustainable way forward. 

The eESCAPE series showcases our attention to detail with quiet, clean interiors, functional spaces with lots of storage, USB outlets and web connectivity, light neutral colors with warm wood finishes and panorama views of the outdoors. eESCAPE spaces are beautiful, natural and inviting.



We want everyone to have the ability to customize, to put a personal stamp on their ESCAPE.  The eESCAPE series was designed with this in mind and provides the space for you to make your statement. No wheel wells in the way, plus lots of shelving and strategic options allow for flexible design and a myriad of uses...AirBnb, ADU, private retreat, guest house, vacation getaway, private office, studio…the uses are almost limitless!

For most companies, EV means you pay more.  We believe the opposite and have priced eESCAPE units starting below our basic ESCAPE models. This means customers can enjoy the natural, clean aesthetic of the eESCAPE series at an affordable price that fits their individual needs and desires.  And yes, long term financing is available with zero down payments for those who qualify.



A big problem for many customers buying EVs is time…specifically, getting a unit quickly. EV wait lists and long lead times are common.  But eESCAPE units are not just a great idea or concept, they already exist. In other words, you normally can have it right now!  And if it is not in stock, chances are it will be within weeks…not in six months or a year.



Just plug it in

eEscape has a simple cord that you just plug in.

True plug and play!

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Yes, customers can still order our other great designs. And yes, we will continue to be the fastest RV tiny home company in America for getting your unit to you quickly.  


But the leap forward in the EV revolution has been made and if beauty, affordability and livability is what you seek, and you want it now, the eESCAPE series is a great choice.  

Press & Testimonials

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"I received the eVista and I love it!"


-Stephanie, Miami, FL, eVista Owner March 2022

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