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For ESCAPE Park Model Buyers

For Individual Park Model Buyers, Lightstream offers very competitive rates and terms.  Just Click here for more information and to apply.
For Commercial Park Model ESCAPE units please contact:
Bryan Wickenhauser
Midwest Leasing, Inc.
Gunnison, CO 81230
970-209-5803 cell


Purchasing ESCAPE
Please note that the list below applies to new ESCAPE units built to your specifications NOT to units already constructed which are sold "as is" on a cash basis without a pre-pay discount. 
Once you have determined that a Park Model is appropriate for your situation, please select the model and options you want.  Buying then is simple:
The process begins with you approving a contract spreadsheet for the unit desired.  Assuming you approve the spreadsheet, this is followed by a 50% deposit which will start the construction and planning process.  If you decide to pay 100% upfront you will receive a 3% discount on the total cost.
 2.  Once we have received the deposit, we can begin the assembly process.  

 3.  When your ESCAPE is completed, the remaining balance is due immediately assuming you did not take the discount for paying upfront.
 4.  We normally schedule shipment of units within 48 hours of receiving the final payment.
 5.  When your ESCAPE arrives, you will need to have the appropriate people on hand to set the building and connect utilities.
 6.  We will have a crew come and check the building thoroughly to ensure that everything is in proper working order.

If you would like to stay in ESCAPE or schedule an appointment to see a unit, please call 715.924.4594. Thank you!

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