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To purchase one of the units below, just email us at

Units on Sale

For buyers, storage is available if needed and we do deliver!   The e-units listed below sell quickly...we keep units in production constantly to meet demand with lead times of less than 30 days to 60 days.

Great financing is available here.

In stock

The eOne is incredibly popular because it feels huge, thanks to its big second floor and ample windows that bring in plenty of natural light.  With its spacious design, modern amenities, and use of natural materials, it's easy to see why eOne is the top choice for those who love tiny living. 

Highlights:  Huge second floor with walkway, big living area with over-sized picture window, beautiful kitchen with induction cook top, electric oven, tall fridge/freezer, laundry center, extra storage and bathroom with full-size shower.  Enjoy lots of opening windows, High Efficiency A/C heat pump, window coverings, Smart TV, USB outlets...incredible unit!  Watch video, just click here. This unit is identical. 


New All-electric eBoho GO!  16' long with so many great features...wrap around windows that all open, multi-purpose kitchen/workspace featuring large solid butcher block top, induction cook top, deep sink, under counter fridge/freezer, drawer storage,  large storage closet + 11' of shelving, Enjoy a queen bed, bathroom with full-size shower, High Efficiency A/C Heat Pump, USB outlets...the GO is so versatile, so efficient, so many uses! Click here for specifications.   Watch video here. 



May be the best vista yet...with a discount! New, All-electric eVista with upgrades including tall fridge/freezer, induction cook top with hood, upgraded power system 50A, plus custom flip tables.  Special Smartside siding with 15 year warranty.  Also included:  butcher block tops, bathroom with full-size shower, lots of opening windows, High Efficiency A/C heat pump, window coverings, USB outlets, Smart TV. Great unit!  Click Here for pricing.  Watch video of unit identical to this one by clicking here.


"The Most Beautiful Tiny Houses In The World" - Forbes Magazine

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