What is the ESCAPE ADU Rental Program?

 We are distributing free ESCAPE Auxillary Dwelling Units (ADU) to selected Partners in Los Angeles and other qualifying communities.  These new rental units can be located in any appropriate area.  The free units are to be used for long term rentals to generate monthly income and to provide accommodations in areas in desperate need of affordable housing.

 Who can participate in this program?

The program is available to anyone who would like to be a Partner, owns an acceptable site, has good credit and who would like monthly income with little or no investment. 

Is the unit really FREE?  

ESCAPE will supply the appropriate unit for the Partner’s site free of charge subject to a credit check on the Partner and a refundable security deposit by the Partner of  up to $1000.   ESCAPE will determine which unit is best for the site and ESCAPE will be the sole owner of the unit, but Partners will have the option to purchase the unit at a predetermined price at any time during our agreement with 90 days prior notice.  ESCAPE will deliver and set up the unit on the site that has been approved.  The delivery and set up costs will be deducted from the rental fees over time.   Once in place, the unit cannot be moved or changed in any way without prior consent of ESCAPE.  

 What do Partners need to have to qualify?

 Potential Partners must have the following:  First, an acceptable site as approved by ESCAPE RV in its sole discretion.  The site, among other things, must be accessible for delivery, the pad for the unit must be flat and firm with power and preferably other utilities including water and septic.  Water can simply be a garden hose with good pressure.  Please click here for hook up information. Second, Partners are responsible for their unit being kept in proper working order.   Third, Partner must obtain and provide ESCAPE with any and all permits or approvals required by local or state authorities to utilize the Unit on Partner’s site for rentals. 

 What is the first step for potential Partners?

Assuming you have a site per the information above, simply send an email with your information to  Your response must include all information about your site including address and pictures, plus a brief background about yourself.   Submissions without this information will not receive a response.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.

 Can the unit be used for personal use?

The program is designed for 3rd party, long term rentals for a minimum of one year.  Other options will be considered if the monthly rental is sufficient. This program is a business opportunity and meant to be a partnership.  

 How is revenue from rentals handled?

 All revenue for monthly rentals will flow through ESCAPE with the Partners share being 50% of total revenue (minus any third party fees such as taxes or booking fees if applicable).  Reconciliations of revenue including revenue checks are sent to the Partners on a monthly basis.  

What if I do not want to share revenue...I want to keep 100%?

No problem.  You can buy one of our ADU units for as little as $365/mo if you qualify with as little as 10% down.  We even have grants for those people who qualify.  We still deliver the unit and you have the freedom to do whatever you like with it.

What if I want to use the unit for nightly rentals?

Yes that can be done but is a different program...please click here for info.

  How long does the unit stay on site?

The partnership will be a one year term with automatic one year renewals assuming the unit is generating adequate income and Partner is maintaining the unit in proper working order.  Partners have the right to terminate the agreement after one year. 

 Has ESCAPE done this already?

We have been experimenting with rentals for years and it has been very successful using our ESCAPE units in test locations, including Los Angeles.  Example:  We have a Partner near Anaheim and his unit generated $24,000 in the first 9 months.  In addition, as seen on our website, there are numerous customers around the country who are independently using Airbnb, or equivalents, with ESCAPE units they own and the feedback from them has been overwhelmingly positive.  Also, we have been developing Tiny Home Villages and we have built and run a resort facility for the past 25 years that includes ESCAPE units.

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